Short message from Stray-Shanghai group:


We are not a shelter and we do not have any physical address, we therefore are unable to take in rescued animals.

The purpose of this site is to provide informational support for those who is now fostering a rescued animal and is searching for a permanent home for his/her rescue.

Our second goal is to increase awareness of wild and domestic animal welfare and related issues such as commercial farming, environment pollution, human health, vegetarianism etc.


For any further questions please send us an email:


Nagato and Anna











Nagato and Anna





Message from Stray-Petersburg, Russia:


  • We are an international non-profit group of volunteers committed to the protection of homeless dogs in Shanghai, China and Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


  • Our work is motivated by a deep conviction and belief in animal rights as a natural and fundamental principle.



  • We believe that in a country where the law system doesn't keep pace with the times and new demands, we activists should stand out as a courageous and selfless example. One should remember that an intellectual idea often surpasses existing laws. Laws appear later if they appear at all: 

   However, no idea can really protect animals; only the law can do it.

  • Laws are being developed and are becoming more progressive; an intellectual idea gives birth to new thoughts... this is how human civilization has been moving forward over centuries...
  • We know about the existing negative attitude towards stray dogs and other animals and we know about the incompleteness of the current law system, which allows human cruelty.
  • The government is trying to reform and increase the present level of knowledge, or at least agrees that one should exist. We have studied the history of countries that demonstrate high levels of humanitarian ideas and work. In order to improve the current situation, we maintain regular official correspondence with the state and city authorities. Together we've managed to achieve some sensible results.


  • We firmly believe in the power of the law and in the fact that the law can change people's attitude towards animals.


  • We are convinced of the rightness and rationality of our work and moral principles.


  • We place our hope in the people, who are not indifferent to the fate of animals suffering from man's cruelty, irresponsibility and indifference.