• Inquire information about the availability of an animal you want to adopt
  • Fill in Adoption Form
  • Go and meet the rescued animal you would like to adopt
  • Discuss in detail animal’s behavior, character, habits with the foster parent
  • Take in the animal for a one week trial adoption
  • Confirm adoption


We do not ask for any compulsory fees for adoption, it is your decision whether or not you would like to donate.




   ●  気に入った猫や犬についての質問

   ● 『里親申請書』の記載

   ● 保護された猫や犬へ会いに行く

   ● 保護者と里親希望の猫や犬について対談

   ● 一周間のトライアル

   ● 里親の確認





Our basic requirements to potential adopters: