In "Never Stop Learning" section we would like to share the most inspiring videos, photos and other materials. We hope it will make you think about familiar things from different perspectives. Rediscover your curiosity and excitement of exploring new things and ideas! That is exactly what we are learning from our son!


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FOOD INC.  Full Movie in English:


"The Industry does not want you to know the truth about what you are eating, because if you knew you might not want to eat it"...


ARC 動物保護や動物についての実態、あなたの知らない事や、消費者には知らされていない現実を知ることが紹介されています。



"Earthlings" full movie about interrelationship between Nature, Animals and Humankind in English with Japanese subtitles:





"Animals should be off menu"  - public debate about why we should stop eating meat:


*『動物はメニューからなくすべき』 - 公開的な討論会(なぜ、私達は肉を食べることをやめなければいけないのか?について)



Lecture: "Dis-ease of the Heart: The Psychology of Eating Animals"




Forks over Knives - in English




Full movie in English: