With the help of our supporters, we have rescued and rehomed over 70 cats and kittens, including several dogs and puppies in Shanghai. However, our main purpose is not number of adoptions but rather quality of adoptions. It is our rule to make sure that both adopted animals and adopters are happy. We therefore stay in close contact with our adopters after adoption, exchange emails and photos, and visit adopted animals upon approval of the adopters.



私達のサポータへ 私達はこれまでに70匹以上もの野良猫たちへ里親さんを探して参りました。その他にも子犬や犬達へ里親探しをして参りました。しかし、私達にとって救った命(数)が大事ではなく、犬や猫達にとって幸せに過ごせる環境を与えてあげられる里親さんを見つけ出すことが重要だと思っております。それは私達StrayShanghaiが里親探しをするにあたる上での規則でもあり、里親さんになって頂く方、保護された犬や猫達両方が幸せに過ごしていただける事を願っております。私達は里親さんとは常に連絡を取れるような体制をとっており、メールにての状況報告や近況の写真などを頂いたり、里親さんよりご不便が内容であれば、保護された猫達の元へ訪れたりもしております。


Mona and Antonina - adopted from Russia to Germany in January 2014!


Both Mona (13 years old, female) and Antonina (9 years, female) lived in a small apartment with 8 dogs for many years in Russia. Although foster family made their best efforts to provide the two with proper living conditions but with so many dogs (also rescuees), two cats could only live in a limited space. In January 2014 they have been successfully transported to Germany and are now enjoying their new life with two other cats in a specious apartment with plenty of toys and cat snacks.


Mona と Antonina - 2014年1月 ロシアからドイツへ里親さんが決まりました!




Naushika - adopted!



Naushika was found in one of Shanghai compounds in September 2013. She was dirty and weak. Luckily, she did not have any disease and was adopted quickly by a nice expat family. Thank you K and K for providing foster care to Naushika and Liubov for adopting this wonderful kitten.


ナウシカ - 里親さんが決まりました!