We are urgently looking for temporary foster parents for rescued animals.


Why is it important?

It is the best alternative to overcrowded animal shelters. By fostering you provide the best family environment that helps an animal to socialize, get used to people and family life, build up good habits. The probability to get adopted increases dramatically for those animals that are well behaved, well trained and sociable. We therefore consider fostering as a crucial factor in improving lives of rescued strays.


Your task:


  • provide the animal you foster with food and shelter before we can find a permanent family for it;
  • participate at monthly Adoption Days;
  • teach the animal how to use litter box;
  • create loving and caring environment.




We solely rely on donations from our supporters to provide medical treatment for the rescued animals. We urgently need financial support for regular vaccinations. We highly appreciate donations for vaccinations. We are happy to provide bills and receipts for every donation.